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Chamber vacuum packing machine

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In order to package all food stuffs such as sausage, meat, fish, shirimp, chicken, fruit, all kinds of fresh vegetables, dried fruits and dates.  
Technical specifications:
1 - improves efficiency: about 100-200 packages per hour. (Depending on the width of the cabin and one or two cabinet of the machine)
2 - Power Consumption: 3 phase 15 amp5-7 KW.
3 - Device dimensions: Length 1.2, width 1, height 1 (dimensions in meters).
4 - Weight: 150 kg.
5 -  Color : stainless steel.
6 - Pump capacity:25 m 3 /hr.
7 - System Performance: electro-mechanical.
Other Features:
1 - Type of application: Food bags loaded in the cabins and cabin doors close, then we will wait until the process is completed. Samples are ready. in a double cabin, when the process in the first cabin, second cabin is ready to put the sample. As a result, the speed increases
2 - Ability to direct and indirect vacuum exists in the cabin.
3 - Operational advantages: cheaper than other vacuum devices, and variation in performance.


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