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Exhaust tunnel

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For the removal of air between the door and the product level (head space) in the manufacture of salt and pickles, sauces, tomato paste and fruit and vegetable processing applications.
Technical specifications:
1 - Improves efficiency: the output device is a canister about every 3- 4 seconds.
2 - Power Consumption: 3 phase 15 amp- 3-5 kW.
3 - Device dimensions: Length 4, width 1, height 1.5 (dimensions in meters).
4 - Weight: 350 kg.
5 - Color:  all-steel.
6 - System Performance: electro-mechanical.

Other Features:
1 - The machine has variable speed motor with inverter and adjustable conveyor speed and the amount of steam is injected.
2 - Operation: all is automatic.
3 - Ability to connect to the device plugs and automation in production lines.
4 –The attributes of this device is collecting water tank.
5 - dual-use capabilities for users as steam shrink film and pasting labels on bottles.
6 - operational advantage: reducing microbial contamination and remove the air from the surface by applying a thermal process automation in the production of the product as well as numerous benefits of this device.


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