Automatic Liquid filling

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This machine is used for filling of liquids in different containers. High production efficiency and continuous lines that are applied. Such as mineral water production lines, a variety of drinks, Oil and other liquids , food and pharmaceutical industries.
Technical specifications:
1 - Efficiency machine  for eight nozzles, approximately 500 - 1000 liters per hour ( Efficiency depends on the concentration of liquid and bulk containers).
2 - Power: 3 phase 15 amp - Power: 5-7 kW.
3 - Dimensions: length 6, width 1.2, height 1.5 (Dimensions in meters).
4 - Weight: 550 kg.
5 - Color: electrostatic powder ( In order for steel ).
6 - System Performance: electro-mechanics and pneumatics.
Other Features:
1 - Depending on the application, in both linear and rotary type can be built.
2 - The device includes a transition doors, plugs, jet, induction sealing and, if necessary, can be washed..
3 -Type of nozzle and pump system will be determined based on several parameters: the diameter of the container opening, the corrosive liquid, liquid concentration and ....
4 - The devices automatically collect dripping liquids.
5 - The method of operation: all is automatic.
6 - In accordance with efficiency and customer requests, the number of nozzles can be expanded.
7 - If needed, the liquid material circulation, between the filler and liquid storage tank will be done.
8 - Operating advantage: Ability to change on these devices is easier than filling rotary, Changes like replacing the plugs, add tunnels stretch to the device, add conveyor traffic and etc, As well as easy operation and high efficiency Another benefit of the device.



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